Brands and engineering solutions

We create solutions and systems that did not exist before us for the implementation of projects of any scale.

Brands and engineering solutions

On the basis of the RUBEZH TM equipment it is possible to create a modern integrated system that allows ensuring security at the facility of any complexity.

PSIM systems

  • Automatic monitoring, analytics, data reporting
  • Integration in one interface:
    • systems for various purposes
    • systems from different manufacturers
    • systems of different buildings and locations
  • Operational situational management
  • Multi-server and scalability
  • Convenient access to the system from various platforms

Fire protection system

  • Conformity with SP 484 regulations
  • For the facility of any type and size
  • A wide range of ready-made solutions
  • Third-party equipment integration
  • Installation and commissioning convenience 
  • Conformity with SP 484 regulations
  • For large and distributed facilities
  • Redundancy of group controller and middle level inter-panel interface
  • High-speed operation (polling time for all devices - 1 sec)
  • Automatic addressing
  • Easy to replace devices
  • For foreign markets
  • Conformity with EN54 standard

PA/GA public address and general alarm

  • Conformity with SP 484 regulations
  • Implementation of 1-2 alarm type 

Alarm racks SONAR RACK

  • Compliance with regulations
  • Individual functionality for each facility
  • Factory assembly and testing
  • Delivery to the site in assembled form
  • Unpacking and commissioning takes 3 hours

IP-alarm system on monoblocks

  • Conformity with SP 484 regulations
  • Unified top level software
  • Web interface and remote access
  • Priorities and logic flexible setting

Technical security

  • Basic security alarm and ACS
  • WIEGAND protocol
  • Decentralized access control and management system
  • Web interface
  • Redundancy of group controller and middle level inter-panel interface
  • Unlimited scalability
  • OSDP protocol
  • WIEGAND readers support
  • Ease of REST integration: API
  • Professional VMS R-OPERATOR
  • Built-in object tracking
  • Image classification using neural network detectors
  • Specialized solutions:
    • a set of individual means of photo and video recording
    • explosion-proof equipment
    • anti-corrosion equipment

Cable production

Cable and electrical products for security systems are manufactured under the PozhTekhKabel brand. Our separate operation area - is the development and production of cable for hazardous facilities, or facilities with difficult climatic and chemical conditions.

Automation tools and services

RUBEZH CAD – is an AutoCAD free software for security systems design processes automation based on the RUBEZH company equipment.  

R-BIM is a free plug-in for Autodesk Revit made to automate routine design processes for low-current systems based on RUBEZH equipment.

The Rubezh Training Center is a professional educational environment for the development of practical skills in the design, installation, commissioning and operation of technical security systems under the RUBEZH TM. Over 1000 specialists annually undergo full-time or distance learning under the programs of the Training Center. You can also take refresher courses here.

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