Continuous improvement of the applied technologies for production and testing of products, as well as the creation of solutions that are unique for the Russian market are further evidence of the continuous development of the Company.

We managed to form a close connection with the market, make the most of the intellectual potential of 9 design bureaus and organize the development process with a focus on our own production, including plastic molding, metalworking, PCB manufacturing, assembly, etc.


Concern for the quality, reliability and competitiveness of products manufactured under the RUBEZH brand begins from the very first stage - the stage of the development of the idea.

  • Close interaction with the market in order to study emerging needs

  • Regular search for new opportunities and solutions
  • Computer modeling of the concept and operating conditions

  • 3D prototyping

  • Verification of the inherent characteristics through tests in the test center
  • International cooperation

  • Automation of production processes

  • Minimizing risks

Development technologies

Having passed the stage of 3D modeling, the idea turns into a virtual model of the product and is tested for the operating conditions on a computer, and then goes to the stage of implementation. To do this, we use the technology of growing a prototype on our own 3D printer, which can take from 2 hours to 3 days, depending on the complexity of the model. Starting from this stage, the future product is already being tested in the test center.

For the production of sample parts, we use silicone molds, we use an automated plastic molding workshop and a metal case production workshop, and for the pilot production of printed circuit boards we use a small SMD assembly line.

The use of these technologies allows us to quickly assemble a model of the future product. Experimental batches undergo a full cycle of tests at the Teas equipment center in order to confirm the laid down technical characteristics.

Technological solutions

ASIC - specialized microcircuits

The company's product with the most massive volume of production is, of course, fire detectors. To increase the manufacturability and profitability of the production of smoke fire detectors, to combine the functionality of several components in them at once, to increase reliability, while reducing the area of ​​the printed circuit board and mounting elements in electronic modules, we have developed a specialized integrated circuit) ASIC - Application Specific Integrated Circuit).

It is the arrangement of the microelectronic elements set on the chip required for process control and solution of highly specialized tasks in a particular device. The current version of ASIC-R2 is used in addressable fire detectors, which calibration has been automated thanks to the appearance of memory elements.

Our plan is to create new, more advanced specialized microcircuits and further expand their use in its own product range.


We are not afraid to offer new solutions and set trends in the development of the industry to the market!

By redefining the approach to product roles, functions, and structure, the Company haqs started a product revolution - the transition to high-performance smart devices. Thanks to the use of high-power computing units, we have the opportunity not only to create functional fault-tolerant autonomous systems, but also to significantly speed up the development process, increase the frequency of updates and improve serviceability, as well as use open high-level interaction protocols to unify products and simplify integration into third-party systems.

Serverless ACS and OSDP protocol

A key feature of the new RUBEZH STRAZH ACS hardware complex is the software built into the controller, which forms a single fault-tolerant distributed system without the need for additional servers. The network controller has its own web shell program, which allows you to configure and fully manage the entire system.

The use of the Linux operating system and the scripting mechanism implementation allow designing powerful algorithms for information processing and flexibly managing the logic of RUBEZH STRAZH operation. OSDP protocol support is another distinctive feature of our ACS. OSDP provides data security, control, and endpoint management. You can connect third-party OSDP readers directly to the controller and provide health monitoring.

The advantages are: fault tolerance, system flexibility, speed of updates, personalization and openness of protocols.


Serverless PAGA and Distributed Computing

The newest developed SONAR NET public address and general alarm system (PAGA) continues the chosen direction towards a fuller use of the computing capabilities of devices. In addition to the benefits derived from the impact of the STRAZH architecture, the system has received distributed computing across multiple devices.

Broadcast or execution of notification scenarios is carried out by all devices collectively, in fact, in parallel. You can move the execution of the task to where it is necessary and convenient to perform it. Thus, the network traffic is reduced, the system response speed is increased, the increased system fault tolerance is preserved, and it can still be managed through the built-in web shell.


Test equipment center

The creation of our own test equipment center allowed us to reduce the time for development, production and certification of products.

Complete testing at the RUBEZH test equipment center is an integral part of the Company's production processes. It guarantees the reliability and quality of our equipment.

Our test equipment center has no analogues in Russia in terms of the installations variety and the number of carried out tests.

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