RUBEZH is oriented towards its own security systems production. Our aim is to constantly improve the applied technologies, automate processes and follow the ecologization principles.

At the moment, the production capacity of the Company is provided by 4 factories with proven and high-quality equipment made in Japan, Germany, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, USA, Taiwan, Korea.

More than 1 million units of various products are manufactured per month.

3D production tour

We carry out an acceptance test of all the supplied components and materials and always check the quality of finished products, both on production lines and in the technical control department. Only after that the product is sent to the warehouse.

Process automation and lean manufacturing principles

Productivity increase
The scrap rate decrease
Product reliability increase
The price-quality relationship optimization with regards to our products
Reduction of production time and manufacturing route loss

Robotic line for the fire detectors production

The line is equipped with the latest industrial robots and related equipment. The software was developed in accordance with the specifics of production and the possibility of further improvement by the employees of RUBEZH. The entire assembly, inspection, quality control and packaging process is automated and takes place without human intervention. In 2021, the line was retrofitted in order to increase the range and reduce labor intensity. At the moment, the productivity of the site is 5,000,000 detectors per year, and will increase in accordance with the need.


Automated injection molding workshop

As a part of the production modernization in 2019, the site was equipped with new injection molding machines. The machines are automated, robotic, equipped with a conveyor line for receiving finished products into packaging containers. These machines work 24/7, produce up to 40 thousand items per day.

During the production process, automatic control of the casting parameters takes place, as a result, the optimal amount of products is achieved, waste-free and environmentally friendly production is ensured.

Currently, more than 80 tons of plastic per month are spent on the creation of product housings. Cold-runner and hot-runner molds are used.


Workshop for the production of metal cases

The workshop was launched in 2018. It is equipped with a coordinate turntable press and hydraulic press brake. On average, the workshop produces about 500 cases’ elements per shift. These are enclosures for control cabinets, composite devices, monoblocks and warning racks, as well as enclosures for redundant sources of secondary power supply. The staff was trained in the maintenance of high-tech equipment. At the moment, the workshop fully satisfies the company's needs in metal cases for manufactured products.


PCB assembly area

The production site has modern equipment for the automatic assembly of printed circuit boards. The selective line makes it possible to solder individual elements, which means to create any boards. It shortens the development and manufacturing time of products, and improve their quality. The maximum productivity of the site is up to 200,000 components per hour. With the appearance of this site and the acquisition of the relevant competencies by the personnel, it became possible to complete the production cycle of products within the framework of the RUBEZH research and production complex, which means full compliance with the import substitution program.


Control cabinet production area

At this production site, a full cycle of all control cabinets assembly, as well as multicomponent products, is carried out. In addition to the components themselves (modules, controllers, power elements), cable products are an equally important element of the product. In 2019, a complete modernization of the site was carried out. A specially developed MTX automatic machine is used to prepare harnesses, cut wires of a certain length, strip and crimp their ends - up to 10,000 wires per day. The assembly of large typical products batches is carried out on a conveyor line.


Production ecology

An important principle of our company is the production ecology and preservation of the environment.

Production ecology

Thanks to the use of specialized integrated circuits in the production of fire detectors, the Company has managed to reduce the “ecological footprint” and significantly improve the environmental friendliness of the products themselves, as well as to make the process of their operation “green”.

Waste-free production of plastic cases’ parts for TM RUBEZH products became possible thanks to the use of ENGEL automated injection molding machines and harness - hot runner molds.

All technological waste generated in the production process is processed independently, or returned to the suppliers of raw materials for processing.

Economic and other activities of the Company that have an impact on the environment are carried out on the basis of Federal Law No. 7-FZ (Federal law) dated January 10, 2002 “On Environmental Protection”.

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